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#98 – June 05, 2017

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Quick Redux tips for connecting your React components

If you’re using Redux in your React app you’re likely using react-redux to connect your components to your state. The connect method is a tricky sum bitch— although it has a very simple API there’s a lot of magic happening under the hood. It’s very easy, especially when first learning Redux, to just start connecting things without much thought on what’s actually happening. One of the easiest snafus to make is to connectyour component at the top of the render tree.

Top 5 Recompose HOCs

Recompose by Andrew Clark has really changed the way my team and I develop React components. If you haven’t used this library, it provides an assortment of higher order components giving the engineer a very “lodash” like developer-experience.

Converting React to Typescript

On any project that will need regular maintenance I tend to prefer TypeScript over JavaScript. Considering that I code most web UI projects with React I end up combining the two - and it works very well. As with most JavaScript libraries these days React TypeScript definition files are available and up to date. You shouldn't fear the case where something you enjoy using is not supported - worst case it is simply writing JavaScript.

Make React Fast Again [Part 2]: why-did-you-update

React is usually pretty fast, but it’s easy to make small mistakes that lead to performance issues. Slow component mounts, deep component trees, and unnecessary render cycles can quickly add up to an app that feels slow.


React UI components / widgets. The easiest way to build a great search experience with Elasticsearch.


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