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#97 – May 29, 2017

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What's New in Create React App

Today, we are excited to announce that many features that have been in the pipeline for the last few months are finally released.

React Event

Declarative way to handle events outside / inside of React Component.

RomeJS just launched, and it feels like Christmas!

You’re up against a timeline. It’s you vs. the world (or your boss). You have one mission, which must be completed in order to save your loved ones from a grim fate. The challenge? A thousand React apps. What do you do? Now, before you console log “mommy, help.” —

How to Structure Your React Project

All of the code you write will live under the src folder. You can organize into subfolders as you see fit. But how should you organize it? For this, you have a multitude of options, which is why it’s such a paralyzing thing. If you screw this up, the project could be doomed right from the beginning! At least, it feels that way.

Building a realtime React VR app

React VR is a library that allows you to write virtual reality apps for the web using JavaScript and React on top of the WebVR API. This specification is now supported by the latest (or in some cases experimental) versions of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and you don’t need to have a headset to access VR in a browser.


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