#90 Simple React Development in 2017

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Simple React Development in 2017

Maybe you’re a jQuery developer looking to experiment with a modern framework. Or, maybe you’re an Angular developer wanting to see what all the hype is about.

Create a realtime football voting app using React, Redux, React-Router-v4 and Firebase

In this series of tutorials, we’ll be creating a football voting app using React, Redux, Redux-Saga, React-Router v4, and Firebase. In this first part, we will setup the project.

A gentle Introduction to Higher Order Components

Higher order components, or known under the abbreviation HOCs, are often a hard to grasp pattern in React. These components can be used for multiple use cases. I want to pick out one use case, the conditional rendering with higher order components, to give you two outcomes from this article as a reader.

Java UI Component on React Native

In this article, we will learn how to convert our Android Java View components to React Native. This is especially interesting, if we need to use a Java UI library or implement a custom View component in our React Native app.

React Image Multi

With React Image Multi you can specify multiple images to be used as fallbacks in the event that the browser couldn't load the previous image. Additionally, you can specify any React element to be used before an image is loaded (i.e. a spinner) and in the event than the specified image(s) could not be loaded.


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