#88 How to build a SEO-friendly React blog with an API-based CMS

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How to build a SEO-friendly React blog with an API-based CMS

Have you ever wanted to build a server-rendered, SEO-friendly website using React and Node.js? The typical solutions for achieving this are either using a pre-rendering service like Prerender.io, or implementing server-side rendering of React components.

How to Build Free-Hand Drawing Using React

The high-level goal we sought to achieve was to develop a useful technique when implementing a feature that's difficult to estimate. The user must be able to draw multiple lines inside an HTML element by using his mouse. Lines should be connected until the mouse button is released again.

Creating a cross-domain React component, with xcomponent

React components allow you to isolate small, reusable bits of functionality and UI in your app, which you can treat as discrete parts of your code-base, each with its own interface.


A springy, composable parallax-scroller for React.

Build a chat app with Firebase and Redux, part 1

A real chat app needs more than that. There should be notifications, updates in the background, optimizations around message fetching … Perhaps a persistent identity and a way to make small chatrooms.


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