#87 Introducing Create React Native App

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Introducing Create React Native App

Today we’re announcing Create React Native App: a new tool that makes it significantly easier to get started with a React Native project! It’s heavily inspired by the design of Create React App and is the product of a collaboration between Facebook and Expo (formerly Exponent).

Routing in React, the uncomplicated way

I’ve used React Router on most of the projects I’ve worked on over the last few years, and as I’ve dealt with different routing requirements, I’ve always been pleased to see that React Router could handle whatever I threw at it.

Learn Redux by coding a Mini-Redux

There are lots of resources for learning Redux. There is the official documentation, examples, tutorials, blog posts, boilerplates, Youtube videos, podcasts, etc… The list goes on. Even though we have so many great resources to learn from, new developers coming in still sometimes gets confused. It’s an overwhelming amount of content and it can be difficult to filter out the relevant stuff.

Introducing React Loadable

When you have a large enough application, a single large bundle with all of your code becomes a problem for startup time. You need to start breaking your app into separate bundles and load them dynamically when needed.

The Angular 2 vs React Contest Only Livens Up

The Angular 2 vs React contest became even more intense in September 2016, when Google unleashed a substantially re-worked Angular framework to challenge Facebook’s famous JavaScript library and to conquer hearts of frontend web developers. Angular 2 is now a lighter, faster, and more stable JavaScript (JS) framework than ever before.


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