#86 How to make your React app fully functional

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How to make your React app fully functional

React in itself is not fully functional, nor is it fully reactive. But it is inspired by some of the concepts behind FRP. Functional components for instance are pure functions with respect to their props. And they are reactive to prop or state changes.

React Trend

Graphing tools are often complex, abstract, and heavy. They require domain-specific knowledge, and a significant time investment. While building rich data visualizations for an analytics app, this is a necessary cost. But what if you just need a spark line that shows a trend?

JavaScript Stack from Scratch

This is a straight-to-the-point guide to assembling a JavaScript stack. It requires some general programming knowledge, and JavaScript basics. It focuses on wiring tools together and giving you the simplest possible example for each tool.

Render a hearthstone card using React and SVG.

What are you saying? That question is too specific? Well … even if you’ve never asked yourself how to render a hearthstone card using React and SVG, now you have the opportunity to learn about how to mix and mingle Hearthstone, SVG and React. Let’s get right into it!

Build your own React Router v4

I still remember the feelings when I first started learning about routing in client side applications. At the time I was just a wee lad still getting my feet wet with this whole “Single Page Application” thing and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take a poop all over my brain. From the beginning it’s as if my brain treated my application code and my router code as two unique and distinct ideas. They were like step brothers who didn’t like each other but were forced to live together anyway.


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