#83 What is the right way to do asynchronous operations in Redux?


These 4 Tutorials Create a New Language in Less Than 200 Lines of Code

Have you ever wanted to design your own programming language? It seems like such fun, but if you’ve ever tried you probably got stuck right around the time you read “LLR Decent Parsers and Abstract Syntax Trees.” Traditionally designing your own language was hard because it requires a very specialized set of arcane tools, tools that take a long time to learn and use effectively. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ohm, a new compact parser toolkit from the team at HARC, lets you build your own languages with simple and clean Javascript.

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What is the right way to do asynchronous operations in Redux?

It’s understandable why so many newcomers to React+Redux have difficulty wrapping their heads around asynchronous actions. React is simply a view layer. Redux is simply a state management layer. But it takes much more to build a typical app.

Understanding React boilerplates

The first thing most of people new to React learn is — “it’s complicated to set things up, just get create-react-app (or any other boilerplate)”. While this is a valid solution in most cases, especially when you want to jump right into development it might not always be the best solution for your project. Or maybe you’re just curious and want to learn more? Let’s dig in.

Launching NativeBase 2.0

I am excited to announce NativeBase 2.0. If you haven’t heard of NativeBase yet, it is a UI component library for React Native to build native cross-platform apps.

Introducing redux-query

A library for querying and managing network state in React/Redux applications.

Dissecting Twitter’s Redux Store

If you don’t already know Twitter’s mobile website is on a new web stack which includes React and Redux 🎉.


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