#81 Our journey migrating 100k lines of code from AngularJS to React


These 4 Tutorials Create a New Language in Less Than 200 Lines of Code

Have you ever wanted to design your own programming language? It seems like such fun, but if you’ve ever tried you probably got stuck right around the time you read “LLR Decent Parsers and Abstract Syntax Trees.” Traditionally designing your own language was hard because it requires a very specialized set of arcane tools, tools that take a long time to learn and use effectively. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ohm, a new compact parser toolkit from the team at HARC, lets you build your own languages with simple and clean Javascript.

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Our journey migrating 100k lines of code from AngularJS to React

This is the first post of a series explaining the story and technical learnings we had from starting to migrate from AngularJS to React. Check out the github repo for examples and the full code.

Testing React Applications with Jest

Writing tests is an integral part of application development. Testing results in software that has fewer bugs, more stability, and is easier to maintain. In this article, we'll look at how to test a React application using the Jest testing framework.

Why I created junctions.js

It was pretty normal day in Tokyo when I received a request from a client. “I’d like this application screen to be a React Component. And I want it to be reusable.” Given my client’s app was created with React, I naturally said “Yes Sir”. I mean, the best part about React is that components are reusable. What could go wrong?

Building Prepd: The pros and cons of launching a product with React Native

We recently finished a 5-month React Native project for Prepd, a Kickstarter-based lunchbox product. At Hanno we built the accompanying app for iOS and Android. In this post we talk about the pros and cons of using React Native, when and why we'd recommend it and what pitfalls you need to be aware of.

Airbnb React/JSX Style Guide

A mostly reasonable approach to React and JSX


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