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this week's favorite

What Sucks About React Native

Gant Laborde discusses the cons of the library.

Unit testing React Native with Mocha and Enzyme

Ken Wheeler provides a guide on testing react application with a flexible approach of using Mocha and Enzyme frameworks.

Avoid partial application in React components

Roman Liutikov gives one of the general best practices in React.

Making React reactive: the pursuit of high performing, easily maintainable React apps

Michel Weststrate talks about improving the performance and maintainability or React applications.

Performance Engineering with React (Part 1)

An article focused on web performance and how to improve it with react.


Interesting react links curated by Mark Erikson.

Using Webworkers to make React faster

Parashuram shows how to make react faster by using Web Workers for rendering the virtual DOM.

React AJAX Best Practices

Best practices for interactions with AJAX and React also with a few anti-patterns.

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