#74 Minimal Redux Setup


These 4 Tutorials Create a New Language in Less Than 200 Lines of Code

Have you ever wanted to design your own programming language? It seems like such fun, but if you’ve ever tried you probably got stuck right around the time you read “LLR Decent Parsers and Abstract Syntax Trees.” Traditionally designing your own language was hard because it requires a very specialized set of arcane tools, tools that take a long time to learn and use effectively. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Ohm, a new compact parser toolkit from the team at HARC, lets you build your own languages with simple and clean Javascript.

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Minimal Redux Setup

The Redux docs have a great page . I’d like to take this to the extreme and explore the benefits of having the most minimal possible Redux setup. To take a step back, consider what drove many of us “vanilla” React users to giving Redux a shot — the ability to connect arbitrary components to our global app state instead of passing down state and update functions through every node from App to leaves.

How to Extract Nested Data from Arrays and Objects with One Line of Code Using Destructuring

I am not a big fan of javascript one-liners just for the sake of being clever. But, if I can use a one-liner that’s semantically clear, easy to understand and simple to reproduce then I’m all in. That’s how I felt the first time I used a destructuring assignment statment inside a React component.

The Inner Workings Of Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM (VDOM aka VNode) is magical ✨ but is also complex and hard to understand😱. React, Preact and similar JS libraries use them in their core. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any good article or doc that explains it in a detailed-yet-simple-to-understand fashion. So I thought of writing one myself.

Introducing the React VR Pre-Release

At Oculus Connect 3, we announced our work to bring React VR to the VR Web. Today, we’re very pleased to share the React VR pre-release! If you’re new to React and React Native, you can read more on their websites here: React and React Native. You can also experiment with React VR using the Carmel Developer Preview.

11 lessons learned as a React contractor

Being able to change a React component’s behaviour based on the props you pass it is one of it’s great features. However, it can be easy to fall into a habit early in a project of building a few really generic components that can be used in lots of places.


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