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Sticky Table Header with React Hooks

Using a <table /> element instead of flexbox for data presentation is a good thing. How to turn the table header sticky with the help of React in that case? How to apply the solution into a production code? This blog post is all about that.

Low-Level Charts in React

If you’re a frontend developer and you start working on an analytics app, then data visualization will soon become a topic of high importance. So what do you usually do when your project requires something more than casually using chart libraries? That’s when a low level visualization library comes in handy.

How to write a React Component in TypeScript

There are plenty of ways to do it, here's how I recommend typing React Components.

React State: A simple and easy to follow breakdown

Understanding React state can be difficult for developers new to React. Let's make it easier!

Test-driven Development and React

In this article, I am going to share with you an approach to doing application development with React in a test-driven fashion — a truly powerful, yet neglected art. Think of it as a unicorn of the programming paradigms — it makes a lot of sense, yet doesn’t exist in real life. Or does it?

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