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Check Out Who’s Joining Us for React Wednesdays in March

After an intro of Blitz.js in the first week of March, more interesting live chats are coming up on the React Wednesdays weekly show. Check out who’s joining us on Twitch next Wednesday!

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Say No to Excessive Re-Rendering in React

In an extensive React application, excessive or unnecessary re-renders are common. This article addresses instances of excessive re-rendering in React applications and provides several ways to avoid them. It is written for readers with a basic understanding of React fundamentals and React Hooks.

Dependency Injection in React

Dependency injection is a form of inversion of control. This means that a component’s dependencies are not part of a component’s internals, they are defined at the public-facing seam, or interface, of the component.

React Server Components: What are They?

React server components could be a potential game-changer for an already dominant JS ecosystem as it attempts to bring React to the server powered by a Node JS backend.

Mithi's Epic React Exercises

A few practical React exercises with detailed solutions for real-world use cases.

The Complete Guide to useRef() and Refs in React

React.useRef() is a hook that creates mutable values persisted between component renderings and references DOM elements. In this post, you’ll learn how useRef() and refs work in React.

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