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Before You memo()

In this post, I want to share two different techniques. They’re surprisingly basic, which is why people rarely realize they improve rendering performance. These techniques are complementary to what you already know! They don’t replace memo or useMemo, but they’re often good to try first.

Integrating Google Maps in React

Integrating Google Maps in React is tough and that is why we give you this in-depth tutorial! Together, we will create a simple Airbnb-like application where we use Maps JavaScript API, Geocoding API, and Places API.

Avoiding race conditions and memory leaks in React useEffect

We have specified an empty array as a dependency to the useEffect React hook. So we have ensured that the fetch request happens only once. But this component is still prone to race conditions and memory leaks. How?

Use CSS Variables instead of React Context

I've been riding the CSS-in-JS train for years (I was even a significant contributor to the "movement"). It's awesome. I've never been so productive working with CSS than when I added the power of JavaScript to it.

React State Management Cheat Sheet

The quest for the ideal React state management is one of the most discussed topics in the React community. If you look around, you will often come across the following question: How do I manage my state in React?


Software Engineer at DoorDash, US Remote

As a member of the Web Platform team, you will be focused on modernizing our tech stack, standardizing frameworks, and providing novel ways to scale both the performance of our apps and the productivity of our engineers.

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