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React Chat Tutorial: How to build a chat app

The following tutorial shows you how to quickly build chat leveraging Stream's Chat API and the Stream Chat React components. The underlying API is very flexible and allows you to build nearly any type of chat.

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Why I Love React

I still remember when I first heard about React. It was January 2014. I was listening to a podcast. Pete Hunt and Jordan Walke were on talking about this framework they created at Facebook with no support for two way data-binding, no built-in HTTP library, no dependency injection, and in place of templates it had this weird XML-like syntax for the UI. And to top it all off, I was listening to it while driving to the first ever ng-conf. I was so hyped on Angular.js that I didn't really give React.js more thought than: "Huh."

Write videos in React

You've seen magic being created using CSS, Canvas, SVG and WebGL – why not use these powerful technologies for making videos? Instead of copy & paste and undo & redo, use React's powerful composition model to reuse components and fix mistakes later.

Getting Started with React.js for Beginners in 2021

A getting started guide to React.js (v17) for beginners. In around 1 hour, you should have a good understanding of React and be able to apply it to your own projects.

Rerousel - light & simple infinite carousel for React

Modularity and reusability are one of the React principles. React components are independent and reusable chunks of code that are responsible for one specific thing, this kind of approach helps to keep your code clean & elegant. Rerousel is a the simplest and the lightest infinite carousel component package made for React aiming to provide a way of showcasing your app’s compliant with these principles.

Modern React Redux Toolkit - Login & User Registration Tutorial and Example

User Authentication is one of the common workflow in web applications. In this tutorial, we will see how to build a User Login and Signup workflow with Modern react redux toolkit.

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