#69 5 Simple Tips for Your First React + Redux Project


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5 Simple Tips for Your First React + Redux Project

So you have heard about the latest and greatest front end framework, React. You have gone through some tutorials and want to start your first proper project.

Release Performance Measurement Decorators

This release contains 4 new useful decorators to debug and measure performance.

Worthwhile Testing: What to test in a React app (and why)

The promise of unit tests is grand: with proper tests in place, you can refactor code like crazy and have confidence that you didn’t break anything. You can add new features or tweak existing ones with that same level of confidence.

React, routing, and data fetching

In React applications at scale, routing, data fetching, and code splitting are naturally linked. The upcoming React Router v4 sacrifices the ability to optimally handle data fetching and code splitting in exchange for its cleaner route matching API. I’ve built a new router called Found that enables efficient parallel data and code fetching for general-purpose use cases, while maintaining an extensible API for handling specialized use cases as well.

React's Children API

React's Children is a top level API that provides utilities for dealing with “props.children”. It can be used by parent components in a composition to transform and manipulate how it's children get's rendered.


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