#68 SVG to React CLI


Painless Git

Straightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects. Free Cross Platform App that works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

this week's favorite

SVG to React CLI

A command line utility that takes a svg image file and outputs a fully formatted stateless functional React component with hieght and width for props. With flags to toggle formatting and remove style attributes.

Responsive React

React provides to your Frontend a Simple, Stateless & Declarative Component architecture that keeps your app easy to understand and extend as it grows from 20 to 20,000+ lines of code. Like with any other new web technology, a couple basics you have picked along the way (Media Queries, Z-indexes, etc) will need to be revisited to adapt to the components mindset.

Is React a good choice for a stable, long-term app?

Do you think React is stable enough to be a good choice in this sort of scenario? Does it come close to the rock-hard API stability that something like jQuery has? Or is it the typical "we changed half the entire API in this new release because our junior was bored or someone on Twitter dared him to do it, welcome to JS, bitch"?

React.js Forms: Controlled Components

This tutorial covers controlled form components, and touches on React best practices like immutability and unidirectional data flow. There're plenty of examples for you to borrow and tweak for use in your own projects.

A MobX introduction and case study

MobX (previously mobservable) is a state management library for JavaScript frontend application. This article introduces it with examples as well as showing how it works in a real app with TypeScript. It is based on a talk I gave at the Osaka Web designers and developers meetup recently.


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