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Check out the February line up for React Wednesdays on Twitch

Expect chats on React in the enterprise, a React Query demo from Tanner Linsley, and more. Add it to your calendar!

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Simplifying React State Management with State Machines

As their name suggests, a finite state machine is an abstract machine that can only exist in one of any number of (finite) states at once. Such a machine accepts any number of inputs, and, depending on their sequence, changes its internal state and produces an output.

3 Ways to Analyze React Performance with Reactime

Reactime is a debugging tool that lets developers take snapshots of an application’s state data as well as time-travel through these snapshots. The snapshots display React render performance times, down to individual UI components. By using Reactime, developers can spot problematic components as well as unnecessary renders throughout their development stage.

Demystifying useEffect's clean-up function

useEffect's clean-up function can be pretty confusing, especially if you're still trying to think in lifecycle methods. Let's clarify the clean-up function in this article.

Let's Bring Spacer GIFs Back!

Let's imagine we're building a HomeButton component, something we can pop in a header to make it easy for users to find their way back home.

Advanced MERN Pagination

In todays video we will be building a fully functioning and dynamic app that implements some advanced pagination. I will be using React, Express and MongoDB for this project. Pagination is a important topic in web development as it improves websites loading time as well as overall user experience. So i made a video for you guys covering everything you need to know.

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