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Better Modals in React

Explore how to build fully customized, accessible, and better modals in React using a React API called Portals.

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8 Frontend Coding Ideas That Will Inspire You To Code

Mastering programming is hard. There are no shortcuts. It involves putting in tons of work. You’ll have to code as often as possible to get good at it.

The styled-components happy path

It's a wonderful tool. In many ways, it's changed how I think about CSS architecture, and has helped me keep my codebase clean and modular, just like React!

React Server Components in 5 Minutes

I’m excited about React Server Components. In this post, I will summarize the benefits and limitations in a few quick points.

React Dev Inspector

Dev tool for inspecting React components and jump to local IDE for component code.

Stateful React Components

When we make apps using the SAFE stack, our client-side state is usually managed by Elmish. One of the benefits of this ‘Model-View-Update’ (MVU) pattern is that having a single, immutable record of your app’s complete state makes it easy to reason about and debug.


Tell the industry what React developers will need to succeed in 2021

Which new tools are you testing? How do you make sure your skills stay up to date? How has COVID-19 pandemic affected your projects? Take the Developer Economics survey and share your own views about frontend development trends. You will get free resources to plan your next career move, plus a chance to win new gear. The survey is open until February.

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