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Four Things I Learned About GraphQL From Eve Porcello

Eve Porcello had a great conversation with the hosts of React Wednesdays, giving us all an awesome introduction to GraphQL. Check out host TJ VanToll’s key takeaways from the conversation.

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TDD in a React frontend

Nowadays, only a few professional developers are left that seriously doubt the value of test-driven-development and test-driven-design (tdd). But the reality of many codebases I have seen is that tdd is often limited to the backend, where the "business logic" lives.

3 Approaches to Integrate React with Custom Elements

I am drawn to Web Components because of their portability. It makes sense: custom elements are fully-functional HTML elements that work in all modern browsers, and the shadow DOM encapsulates the right styles with a decent surface area for customization. It’s a really nice fit, especially for larger organizations looking to create consistent user experiences across multiple frameworks, like Angular, Svelte and Vue.

Why React Context is Not a "State Management" Tool (and Why It Doesn't Replace Redux)

Given the prevalence of questions on this topic, I'm putting together this post as a definitive answer to those questions. I'll try to clarify what Context and Redux actually are, how they're meant to be used, how they're different, and when you should use them.

GUI tool to generate React-Table code for your projects

React-Table is an awesome library for creating tables with multiple headers, sorting, filtering, pagination etc. But it is complex to learn. Sometimes our use case is simple and we do not want to spend time in learning from scratch. To solve this issue, we are providing a GUI utility which can generate the table code for you including sorting capability, filtering and pagination. You may directly use the generated code into your projects.

MERN Auth - Login with Email (JWT)

Using React, Node.js, Express & MongoDB in previous videos you've learned how to build a Full Stack MERN Project. In this video, we're going to add Authentication! Auth is a complex process, it means allowing users to register and log in.

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