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Concurrent Mode in React

Although it was announced over a year ago, concurrent mode is still experimental. If you haven’t yet taken the chance to explore it, let’s find out more about what it is and the benefits it can bring to our React applications.

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What writing my own JSX renderer taught me about React

One of the reasons that React got so popular is definitively the syntax it introduced: Writing HTML-like code to declaratively describe components just feels good. But this brought me to the question: Why is this syntax only used for React, basically for describing HTML?

Effective State Management in React using the Context API and Hooks

In this blog, I will show you how you can build a simple yet functional state management solution for your React applications. We will use the new Context API along with some useful hooks to build this.

Use redux-like middleware for useReducer in React

If you have used Redux before, you would be aware of the concept of middlewares. Now that useReducer has become a commonly used react hook, we might want to replicate the idea of middleware for the useReducer hook as well.

Integrating A Dialogflow Agent Into A React Application

When it comes to building a conversational chat assistant that could be used at a small or enterprise level, Dialogflow would most likely be one of the first options that would show up in your search list — and why wouldn’t it? It offers several features such as the ability to process audio and text inputs, provide dynamic responses using custom webhooks, connect to millions of Google-enabled devices by using the Google assistant, and so much more. But apart from its console that is provided to design and manage an Agent, how can we create a chat assistant that can be used within our built web applications, too?

Upgrading to React 17: How to Fix the Issues and Breaking Changes

React 17 mostly focused on under the hood changes that will make it easier for consumers to gradually upgrade in the future. There were no new features and the breaking changes, in theory, affected few consumer components. While upgrading at Wealthfront was certainly more straightforward than past versions, we still had a few issues to overcome. Since React 17 is still relatively new, we thought it might be helpful to share these blockers we came across and how we resolved them.

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