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React Performance Optimization Tips

In this post, we will look into how we can improve the performance of React apps that need to render a lot of components on the screen.

Making Component & Hooks With Clean Code Approach

Since React introduced hooks in its api, it has become a lot easier to encapsulate features and making it reusable. i’ve written before about the reusing hooks, organizing redux with hooks and much more hooks related articles.

React Dashboard - 5 Modern Designs for 2021

This article presents a shortlist of React Dashboards that might help us all to code new products on top of modern UI Kits crafted by open-source enthusiasts (freelancers and agencies). The list is short and contains only open-source products actively supported and versioned by their vendors.

Web Development In 2021 - A Practical Guide

This is my yearly guide to web development. I describe web technologies that are commonly needed as well as new trends and give you multiple options to create and plan your learning path to reach your goals.

React Server Components - Introduction and Initial Thoughts

Just before Christmas, the React team gave an early Christmas present, Server Components a.k.a the zero bundle size components. Let's have a look at what they are, what they bring to the table and my thoughts.