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Join TJ VanToll & Carl Bergenhem for the Live Kendo UI Release Webinar in Jan’21

On Jan 20, 2021 the Kendo UI team ships their R1 2021 release, which includes eight new React components and many updates across existing ones. Fun fact: with this release, the KendoReact library grows to 90+ native React UI components. Join the team to learn what the major updates across the entire JavaScript web library are – or pop in just for the React session. Sign up now!

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React Refs: The Complete Story

Programming terminology can be rather confusing. The first time I'd heard about "React Refs", it was in the context of getting a reference to a DOM node. However, with the introduction of hooks, the useRef hook has expanded the definition of "refs".

An Annotated Guide to React Server Components

The React team announced React Server Components this week with a talk, RFC, and demo. It is a lot to go through (especially for a holiday week), but I did. Here are my notes.

Deck the Halls With React Three Fiber

Earlier this year I tried using three.js within a React app. It wasn't straightforward, and I ran into quite a few problems. Since then, I've been eager to try out this library a co-worker told me about: react-three-fiber. Apparently, it could solve all my problems (ok, maybe only a few) and make it super easy to create cool animations with few lines of code. Say no more!

Introducing Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components

To introduce React Server Components, we have prepared a talk and a demo. If you want, you can check them out during the holidays, or later when work picks back up in the new year.

React Hooks I use everyday

In this post I will list out all the React Hooks I use in a daily basis for my projects.

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