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Improve Your React Skills with Tips & Tricks from the Experts

As the year’s coming to an end, you might be inclined to set some learning goals for 2021. If that’s the case, don’t do it alone! Check out these 25 great tips from a host of React experts and kick-start your learning.

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JavaScript to know for React

One of the things I love most about React compared to other frameworks that I've used is how exposed you are to JavaScript when you're using it. There's no template DSL (JSX compiles to sensible JavaScript), the component API has only gotten simpler with the addition of React Hooks, and the framework offers you very little abstraction outside the core UI concerns it's intended to solve.

React: I like RxJS

My main goal is simplicity without disrupting the default flow of React Components.

How React Updates State

React useState() hook manages the state in functional React components. In class components this.state holds the state, and you invoke the special method this.setState() to update the state.

A Quick Look at the React Speech Recognition Hook

React Speech Recognition is a react hook that accesses the Web Speech API to convert speech from the machine’s microphone to the app’s React components.

Using React Context for state management in Next.js

If you’d like to manage state across your Next.js applications, the easiest way to do it (without installing anything extra!) is using React Context.

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