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Improve Your React Skills with Tips & Tricks from the Experts

As the year’s coming to an end, you might be inclined to set some learning goals for 2021. If that’s the case, don’t do it alone! Check out these 25 great tips from a host of React experts and kick-start your learning.

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JWT Authentication Best Practices

Microservices are a great tool when it comes to designing scalable and extensible architectures. They can be used to encapsulate different behaviors or responsibilities in a way that not a lot of other architecture paradigms can represent. And if you pair them with a REST-based interface, then you’re not only writing and creating a platform that can grow and scale automatically (given the right infrastructure of course), but you’re also creating a standard and easy-to-use product.

Creating Dynamic Forms With React Hooks

So in this post, we’ll break down how you can make dynamic forms in React, including how to do conditional control over fields appearing and page navigation.

React Testing Library

Do you feel compelled to manually test your React frontend after each deploy, because it’s not tested as well as your backend? Or perhaps you already have frontend tests, but you feel that they only serve as a hindrance, slowing down your development speed? Perhaps it’s time to give frontend testing another go, with the React Testing Library!

Improve and Optimize Performance of React Apps With Reactime

When it comes to React applications, one of the most challenging aspects of optimizing your application is state management debugging. Nowadays there are so many ways to handle the state of your application — Hooks, Context API, Redux, etc. — but not too many tools that are fully compatible with it all.

React is slow, what now?

In general computer programs can be io-bound (spend most of their time making inputs and outputs) or cpu-bound (spend most of their time making calculations). How do these translate into Front End apps and in particular React apps?


GraphQL: The Documentary

"GraphQL: The Documentary" is a documentary from Honeypot, Europe’s developer-focused job platform, exploring the story of GraphQL, told by the co-creators and some other big names in the community. Have a watch, enjoy this Honeypot classic, and be sure to subscribe to their channel for more original content!

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