#59 React Patterns



CLI Generator for React Native, currently trending on github.

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React Patterns

A list of useful patterns in React.js.

The Elegance Of React

This writeup should be a lightweight introduction into writing elegant code with React. We will be combing React with Ramda to write our application in a functional style.

The 5 Types Of React Application State

I don’t know about you, but when I started writing React apps, I struggled to decide where my state should go. No matter how I re-arranged setState calls, things never felt quite right.

Build a Universal React and Node App

Build a super fast Universal JavaScript app that can be rendered both on the client and on the server using React, React Router and Express

10 Tips for Better Redux Architecture

When I started using React, there was no Redux. There was only the Flux architecture, and about a dozen competing implementations of it.


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