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Render as You Fetch with React Suspense

React 16.6 added a <Suspense> component that lets developers build better responsive apps with smoother state/page transitions. Check out Peter’s article for an example how to use Suspense for data fetching.

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Building a Dark Mode Theme Toggle

Today we will be building a toggle component that animates between a light and dark theme. I was inspired by this Dribbble shot, and it was a fun experiment to try and recreate.

Discovering Mock Service Worker

Recently, I found myself digging around for the best approach to mocking HTTP requests in a JS test suite. This post isn’t a tutorial on how to use Mock Service Worker. Rather, it’s a collection of short summaries of what worked well (and didn’t!) for me.

Dangers of using Objects in useState & useEffect ReactJS Hooks

In this blog post, Tiago explores the issues with using objects in React hooks. Since the hooks do a strict equality comparison to determine a re-render and don't check the properties of an object used as state, it will not trigger a re-render, causing some troublesome bugs!

Building a real-time voting app using ReactJS and Ably

Realtime web technologies have been around for over 10 years, but it's only relatively recently that we've started seeing them used in our day-to-day applications. This is not only because the realtime technology is better understood, has become more mature, and standardized, but also, because the users have been exposed to the amazing capabilities of the realtime web and as a result, they are now demanding those type of experiences in the apps they use.

My Awesome React/Redux Structure

Learn how to architect a React/Redux application in a classy way. I wanted to show how I structure React/Redux applications. I will be using JavaScript ES2015 Classes for many of my files. I think classes help with structuring your code.


React Christmas

An advent React calendar for this year.

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