#58 React Native at Artsy


How much time per year do you spend waiting for your React tests to finish?

Instant feedback from your tests and realtime code coverage right in your editor, no context switching.

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React Native at Artsy

To really shine with React Native, you need native experience. JavaScript has not eaten everything yet. However, you don't need a team of native experts. For example, we expect to be able to get quite far with Android support based on our work in React Native, but to make it amazing, we will need someone with history and context in the space.

You Aren’t Using Redux Middleware Enough

Redux middleware: the thing you need to use to get redux-thunk or redux-saga to work. Also possibly one of the most underused features of Redux. Middlewares add a nice encapsulation for store behaviour that does not form part of the data, and can also make testing a lot easier.

Diverse Test-Automation Frameworks For React Native Apps

Because mobile apps have become such a crucial part of people’s lives, users won’t be shy about sharing their love or hate for an app — and that feedback gets in front of millions of users in seconds.

Writing a good React component

In recent years, React has become one of the top choices for writing Single-Page Applications, not least because of its highly modular components. It enables developers to break down UI in reusable, testable and simple units. To get the most out of this, you should follow some rules of thumb.



An accessible, easily internationalizable, mobile-friendly datepicker library for the web from Airbnb.


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