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React and the economics of dynamic web interfaces

Nicholas C. Zakas explains why react is a game changer for client-side web development.

Introducing React

Kirupa Chinnathambi gives an introduction tutorial to React and shows how we used to built apps before SPA and what are advantages of using React for Single Page Applications.

Why React/Redux is an inferior paradigm

An interesting opinion about React and comparison to Cycle.js and Elm by André Staltz.

React integration for ASP.NET MVC

An easy integration of React into ASP.NET applications.

9 things every React.js beginner should know

A couple of useful recommendations on react and how to use it.

Angular vs React : A Side-By-Side Comparison

A comparison table between two most popular javascript frameworks.

React and ag-Grid - the Perfect Match

A combination of React and ag-Grid from Angular works together surprisingly nicely.