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All You Need to Know to Make Your Choice: KendoReact UI Library Launches New Website

Would you believe it that you only need one component library to do the entire UI of you React app? Check out the new KendoReact website and learn why it could be the only one you need. What’s KendoReact? A professional UI kit on a mission to help you build business apps with React much faster.

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Create resizeable split panels in React

Resizable containers empower different users to customize a UI to emphasise what they find most important. A basic implementation of this is a split view or split pane, allowing users to enlarge content that is more relevant to them.

How to test Compound Components

Compound components are made up of many component parts. The most effective way to test them is together, holistically. To achieve this, the tests are usually within a single test file where the base and part components are tested together.

Testing Hooks - Hooks for code organization

The first category of hook usage is code organization to make our code easier to read. This is usually in the form of breaking a component into smaller parts, just like we might do with a regular non-React function.

A Thoughtful Way To Use React’s useRef() Hook

In a React component, useState and useReducer can cause your component to re-render each time there is a call to the update functions. In this article, you will find out how to use the useRef() hook to keep track of variables without causing re-renders, and how to enforce the re-rendering of React Components.

Moving OkCupid from REST to GraphQL

A lot has been written about the benefits of moving from a REST API to a GraphQL API1. But let’s say that you’re already convinced. If you want to convert a site with millions of users, ensure that performance doesn’t suffer, and just really don’t want to screw it up: how do you do it?

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