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Using Your Own Design System with KendoReact Components | CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks take KendoReact for a spin and play with the styling capabilities of the React UI library. Read the blog.

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Guidelines for choosing React Libraries

Truth is, I don’t have a single hard and fast rule, but rather a feeling that comes from looking at how a library stacks up against a set of quick checks that I’ve developed over the years of being burned by dodgy libraries.

Run your React Native app on the web with React Native for Web

“React Native for Web” makes it possible to run React Native components and APIs on the web using React DOM — allowing you to target the Android, iOS, and web platforms using a single codebase.

What Is React Teleportation?

Learn how to create internal portals that will render React components anywhere in your app. We will use the React Context API and the JavaScript Map object to manage transporting components to other components.

Redux Fundamentals

This tutorial will introduce you to the core concepts, principles, and patterns for using Redux. By the time you finish, you should understand the different pieces that make up a Redux app, how data flows when using Redux, and our standard recommended patterns for building Redux apps.

Rough Charts

A responsive, composable react charting library with a hand-drawn style.


JavaScript / TypeScript Architect and Developer Advocate in London - to £100,000

You’re an expert JavaScript / TypeScript developer whose contributions to npm single-handedly raised the overall code quality there. You found React intriguing enough that you tried to implement your own clean-room version to better understand the design decisions. And now it’s time to build your masterpiece – our client needs a platform and a framework designed, with you as the architect.


Announcing the Release of Stream's React Native v2.0 SDK

We are proud to announce the public v2.O availability of our React Native SDK for Stream Chat. This release provides many improvements to performance, better context, and prop support across the SDK features.

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