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How to Build an Ecommerce Operational Dashboard in React

Learn how to build an operational dashboard with React for an ecommerce store, starting from the design and planning and then going into implementation. We’ll use charts and components from KendoReact so it will be fast and easy! Read the blog.

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A minimal and tiny React component to find links in text and to turn them into HTML hyperlinks. It gets all kinds of URLs in a simple text and converts them to HTML hyperlink in react. it also supports finding email addresses in the text and convert them to a mailto: hyperlink. It also writes in TypeScript so has its types with itself. And all these features with less than a KBs.

Useful Custom Hooks for Tired React Devs

Writing React applications can get same-y. We often find ourselves going over the same patterns of defining the same component behavior over and over, and one can start to wonder how we can make these patterns more and more DRY.

Build React responsive website from scratch

Build a Full Responsive React website from scratch for beginners, we will go through step by step into building a smooth scrolling website with multiple sections and great design. We also going to work with react-carousel for building the customers' review section.

Top 7 Ways to Optimize the Performance of React Applications

The way web applications are created has changed since the creation of React. By operating on a virtual DOM instead of the real one, it makes updating UI extremely fast and manageable. It seems that all tools are set up from the beginning, so how is it possible that React apps still have poor performance and delays? Actually, the way people use the library is no less important. In this article we will learn about 7 approaches to make the React application faster.

Keeping up with React Libraries

It’s no secret React has a library discoverability problem. While the number of stars in GitHub and weekly downloads in npm might be a good starting point for finding quality libraries, normally you have to wade through a lot of reddit, hacker news, dev.to and individual blog posts to find the best ones. In this (continually updated) article, I’ll be adding libraries worth talking about on a single page.


JavaScript / TypeScript Architect and Developer Advocate in London - to £100,000

You’re an expert JavaScript / TypeScript developer whose contributions to npm single-handedly raised the overall code quality there. You found React intriguing enough that you tried to implement your own clean-room version to better understand the design decisions. And now it’s time to build your masterpiece – our client needs a platform and a framework designed, with you as the architect.


Anima 4.0: Transform designs into developer-friendly React code

It's time to stop coding UI from scratch: Anima saves you precious time by translating design into workable React code. Clean, reusable code components that developers actually like to use.

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