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Don’t Miss Out on DevReach Online: Sign Up for React Day, Oct 20 (It’s Free!)

DevReach has always been an extraordinary conference and now even more so. Spread over five days, it has React, Angular, Blazor and Xamarin tracks, where experts will live-code on twitch.tv/CodeItLive. This year, it’s free and you can register to receive updates, enter our raffle and more! Oh – and React Day is on Tuesday, Oct 20. Sign up and don’t miss out!

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A Simple Explanation of React.useEffect()

I am impressed by the expressiveness of React hooks. You can do so much by writing so little. But the brevity of hooks has a price — they’re relatively difficult to get started. This is true for useEffect() — the hook that manages side-effects in React components.

Getting Started With Framer Motion

Framer Motion is an open source React animation library brought to you by Framer. You can make complex, vibrant animations relatively easily with its declarative, prop-driven API and components. This article will begin by covering some basic Framer Motion examples. The second half will kick it up a notch by using those concepts to build a drag and drop component UI.

Managing Long-Running Tasks In A React App With Web Workers

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use the Web Worker API to manage time-consuming and UI-blocking tasks in a JavaScript app by building a sample web app that leverages Web Workers. Finally, we’ll end the article by transferring everything to a React application.

React Form Validation With Formik And Yup

Forms are an integral part of how users interact with our websites and web applications. Validating the data the user passes through the form is a critical aspect of our jobs as web developers. However, it doesn’t have to be a pain-staking process. In this article, we’ll learn how Formik handles the state of the form data, validates the data, and handles form submission.

What is Render in React and How Do You Force it?

What exactly is Render in React, how can we force a class or functional component to re-render, and can it be done without calling setState?


The Tech Resume Inside Out: What a Good Developer Resume Looks Like

A practical guide written by the people who do the resume screening: engineering managers and technical recruiters working at tech companies. Also, Gergely gives the book for free to developers who have lost their jobs due to current world situation.

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