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Building native apps without React Native

You’ve built a React web app and would love to bring it to iOS and Android. That means you have to learn React Native first, right? As it turns out, there’s an easier way to deploy to mobile. With Capacitor, a new native runtime for web apps, you can deploy any React-based web app as a PWA, iOS, or Android app - all from the same codebase.

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Better Redux Reducers with TypeScript Builders

In this post, I show how the builder pattern can be used to create Reducers in a TypeScript React-Redux app. I discuss the benefits of that approach before walking through the code and explaining what it does at each step.

React State 5 Ways

There are seemingly endless ways of dealing with state management in React. Trying to understand the options, the tradeoffs between them, and how they work can be overwhelming.

Four characters can optimize your React component

How making use of useState lazy initialization can speed up your React function component.

How To Manage File Uploads In React With Google Storage And GraphQL

From a user’s profile picture to other media assets, data collection and storage to cloud services through file uploads have become an essential feature for most modern applications. In this article, you will learn how file uploads can be implemented in a GraphQL application.

An Honest Review of Gatsby

It seemed fast, was built on React (we’re experts on that here, with our gigabyte-sized Sentry frontend app), and had a huge adoption (assumed future existence and stability). While we didn’t have the desire to use MDX, it also seemed like a positive outcome given we could more easily deal with some of the rich aspects of our docs site, without having to resort to 2010-era JavaScript.


Searching for a React DatePicker to Fit Your App? Check This One Out 🗓

Built from the ground up for React, the KendoReact DatePicker is feature-rich, customizable & sleek. Check out the demo.

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