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Building native apps without React Native

You’ve built a React web app and would love to bring it to iOS and Android. That means you have to learn React Native first, right? As it turns out, there’s an easier way to deploy to mobile. With Capacitor, a new native runtime for web apps, you can deploy any React-based web app as a PWA, iOS, or Android app - all from the same codebase.

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Building a rich text editor in React with SlateJS

Building an awesome editor for your React-based web application is by no means easy. But with SlateJS things get much easier. Even with the help of Slate, building a full-featured editor is way more work than we can cover in one blog post, so this post will give you the big picture and subsequent posts will dive into the dirty details.

Redux in 2020: Much, much less boilerplate

One of the things I’ve found is that a lot of people who decide to use some alternative to Redux (React.Context, MobX, etc.) are doing so because they don’t like how much boilerplate Redux consists of.

React Children with TypeScript

The React children prop allows components to be composed together and is a key concept for building reusable components. Visually, we can think of it as a hole in the component where the consumer controls what is rendered. This post covers different approaches to strongly-typing this powerful and flexible prop with TypeScript.

Introducing the New JSX Transform

Although React 17 doesn’t contain new features, it will provide support for a new version of the JSX transform. In this post, we will describe what it is and how to try it.

Understanding React Rendering

Rendering is the most important procedure that a programmer has to manage in frontend development. In React, the render() method is the only required method in a class component, and is responsible for describing the view to be rendered to the browser window. Coupled with the clever way that React operates around its virtual DOM concept, there are certain subtleties in how this method works, and understanding them will greatly benefit any aspiring React developer.


Sep 28 - Join TJ VanToll & Carl Bergenhem for a Demo of All That’s New in KendoReact

The KendoReact product team will walk you through our third release for 2020 (yep, we’ve got it going on) – and we’ll have some fun as we go. Join us for the unboxing of eight new React UI components, including the highly requested Gantt Chart. Save your seat!

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