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A Crime in React Nativeland —A Nightmare on Content Street

Put your detective hat on and embark upon a debugging murder mystery journey through React Nativeland.

TypeScript + React: Why I don't use React.FC

In my recent article on TypeScript and React component patterns I’ve stated that I don’t use the built-in type React.FC<> but rather be explicit with typing children. I didn’t state why, and it sparked some interest. That’s why I want to elaborate a little bit.

A Window of Opportunity: How windowing saved our data table

The modern age of web development that includes modularized, encapsulated web components, has brought us a plethora of tools, technologies, frameworks, and libraries of all varieties. With every such tool that is created to simplify our lives as developers in the long run, there's also a catch we sometimes neglect to consider: the cost of maintenance and performance.

How to enable automatic runtime in React 17 with @babel/preset-react?

The biggest feature of React 17, as React team claims, is that there are no new features. This isn't however entirely true. In Babel 7.9.0, a new JSX transform was announced. It could only be used in experimental React releases. Until now!

A Practical Guide To Product Tours In React Apps

Showcasing new product features to users or familiarizing them with some UI functionality in a web app can get tedious, especially when you want users to see a lot of things. In the following guide, you’ll learn how to proactively use product tours to onboard users into a new and complex UX, and how to familiarize them with UI functionality without boring them, using a typical React app.


Learn the best practices to effectively test your react applications

Ever wondered how to test modals, Stripe, Redux, context, custom hooks? This free react testing masterclass is for you.

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