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MongoDB is easy. Now make it powerful.

Studio 3T has the features you need to get the most out of MongoDB. Use our lightning-fast visual builder to create instant queries. Translate code to multiple languages like Python, JavaScript, or Ruby. Coming from an SQL background? You can query using SQL too. And our import / export feature offers flexibility and speed. Get your whole team on board. Try it today for 30 days - free!

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Records & Tuples for React

This article is about Records & Tuples for React. I’ll only cover the basics here. They look like regular Objects and Arrays, with a # prefix.

SWR: React Hooks for Data Fetching

SWR provides a dedicated API useSWRInfinite to support common UI patterns such as pagination and infinite loading.

Rapidly build accessible & themeable React applications with ease

Bumbag is a friendly React UI Kit suitable for MVPs or large-scale applications.

React JS Tutorial: Building Firebase Chat App (React Hooks)

In this React JS tutorial, we will show you how to build React Firebase chat web application (React Hooks). This application using Firebase realtime database, so, it not necessary to use additional real-time engines such as Socket.io.

Full stack Starterkit - GraphQL-first boilerplate that scales

Configuration of a boilerplate for your newly started projects is a tedious, repeatable job … which you can forget about thanks to @karanpratapsingh, who has made a full-stack boilerplate following some of the best patterns & practices learned from most-popular codebase and developers he has worked with. All that to make it possible to bootstrap your GraphQL-first app in React with just a couple clicks.


React Finland 2020 - Online Mini-Conference #2 - State Management

In the second edition of the remote conference, we'll focus on the topic of state management. It has always been a hot issue when it comes to React, and I expect you'll gain more insight on where we might be heading if you join the session.


Some Say This React Data Grid Has Been a Life Saver

Data grids can get notoriously complex to implement and are, therefore, a great candidate for outsourcing to a third-party library. Most KendoReact library users rely heavily on the React data grid component and some have even told us it’s been a life saver. What better way to find out if the KendoReact Grid will make your life better than checking it out?

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