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How to Build Forms With React the Easy Way

Building forms with React can be frustrating. TJ VanToll suggests one way to tackle this challenge with ease. Read more!

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Next.js: Server-side Rendering vs. Static Generation

Next.js is a React framework that supports pre-rendering. Instead of having the browser render everything from scratch, Next.js can serve pre-rendered HTML in two different ways.

Whiteboard: React Hooks

Hooks allow us to use states and lifecycle methods within a Function component. They were not always there, they have been recently introduced in React 16.8 They are Javascript functions, but they can NOT be called inside loops, conditions, or nested functions. They always have to be called at the top level of your React function.

A look at React Router 6

The release of React router version 6 is just around the corner. I thought it was time to take a good look at it.

Methods Of Improving And Optimizing Performance In React Apps

Since React was introduced, it has transformed the way front-end developers build web applications, and its virtual DOM is famous for effectively rendering components. In this tutorial, we will discuss various methods of optimizing performance in React applications, and also the features of React that we can use to improve performance.

Letters from the Dark World of React Boilerplate

“Boilerplate” is a dirty word in some circles of React developers. Some associate “boilerplate” with green engineers too lazy to learn webpack. Some recoil at the thought their craft could be reduced to git clone. And others simply don’t want boilerplate that’s too opinionated about how their application is structured.


React developers are in demand on Vettery

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