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Learn MongoDB for free with Academy 3T. It's the FASTEST way to get started!

Starting with MongoDB 101, you’ll learn how to set up your first cloud-based MongoDB database, connect to your MongoDB Atlas cluster or local instance using Studio 3T, import collections from JSON and CSV files, write and run your first MongoDB queries, including aggregations, export query results to a JSON file, translate SQL queries to the MongoDB query language and use IntelliShell to load script files and run queries.

this week's favorite

Simple library to eliminate the need of writing reducers

Redux is a great library for maitaining state in web apps. It helps you manage your app state in a predictable manner. However, it involves writing a lot of boiler plate code for even a simple todo app. As the application grows, the benefits of using redux increases and so does the boilerplate code.

Server Side Rendering In React Without Using Any Framework

This video tutorial explains how you can implement server side rendering in React without using Next.js or Gatsby or any of the SSR framework.

7 Awesome React Hooks

Before the release of React Hooks, its functional components were a bit limited in usage. I mean, when it comes to working with State, context API, and some Lifecycle methods there was nothing we could do.

Javascript Testing Masterclass

JavaScript testing - unit tests, integration tests and e2e (UI) tests, snapshot testing, React component testing with Jest, React Testing Library and Cypress.

Building an Open Source Web Analytics Platform

Learn how to build open source Google Analytics alternative with Cube.js.

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