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How a React App Works Under the Hood

All of the things you need to understand about how React works in one video.

Centralizing API error handling in React apps

In this article I’m going to present to you a way of handling your API errors once and for all in a centralized and easily extendable way, regardless of the state-management library (Redux, Apollo, etc.) that you are using.

Higher-Order Components In React

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about higher-order components, the syntax of higher-order components, as well as use cases for them. In the process, we will build a higher-order component from an existing React component. By the end of this tutorial, you will understand the basics of higher-order components and how to build them.

How to Use Recursive Components in React to Display Deeply Nested Data

I’m sure you’ve experienced the sudden nightmare when you make an API call and the data that gets returned contains an array in it with more data. Then you open that array and it’s filled with more arrays with more data. And then each one of those data elements is another array with more data!

Case study: Analyzing Notion app performance

But if you’re building a software product, chances are you’re relatively unaffected. And in this case, having a quick app is more important than ever. Internet is slowing down due to increased demand, and people are holding on to their phones for longer – so if your app is slow, your users will be affected by it.


Get Ideas for Your Next React Dashboard with This New Sample App

The new Coffee Warehouse Dashboard App built with React combines a data grid, scheduler, charts & more KendoReact UI components into one sleek app. Take it for a spin and don’t forget to check out the code on GitHub!

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