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React developers are in demand on Vettery

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You Might Not Need UUID V4 for Generating Random Identifiers

For every decision be sure to understand why you are taking it as you have maybe another smart way to achieve the same goal.

How to Build a Markdown Previewer with React.js

Building actual projects is a great way to learn React and solidify some of its basic principles. So in this post we will be building a simple Markdown Previewer like what you see in the image above. This will be a simple react app which will contain a textarea for Markdown input and a preview tab where the converted text will appear.

How To Mock Fetch in Jest

Making HTTP requests in tests isn't a great idea in most situations... it can slow your tests down, is unreliable, and the API you are making requests to may not appreciate it either. So how do you avoid making HTTP requests in your tests?

How to Make your React App a Progressive Web App

The tutorial includes setting up a Service Worker with Webpack and Workbox, making it work with TypeScript and ESLint, adding a manifest with icons for your home and splash screen, and finally, making your PWA compatible with iOS devices.

The rise of React

On the social, cultural, and technological impacts of the increasingly ubiquitous frontend framework.

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