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React developers are in demand on Vettery

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React Shimmer

A powerful, customisable, Suspense-like <img> component that (optionally) simulates a shimmer effect while loading. (with zero dependencies!).

Reparenting is now possible with React

How can I transfer a Card component after dragging? With React it seems quite easy. To change the Parent component of a Child component, the components have to be re-rendered with that Child in its new Parent.

Test-Driven Development 101 with jest

In this chapter, we will learn together about how to apply TDD in your daily development routine by a step-to-step guide. Along with this demo, you will get the idea of how to split a big task into relative smaller ones, and accomplish each one with a set of passing tests and a bit refactoring techniques. Just before we dive into the code, let's get some fundamental understanding of how to write a proper test.

A visual guide to React Mental models

This is the second of a three-part series of articles around React mental models. I’ll show you the exact mental models I use with complex React components by building them from the ground up and by using lots of visual explanations.

Getting started with React on MDN

In this article we will say hello to React. We'll discover a little bit of detail about its background and use cases, set up a basic React toolchain on our local computer, and create and play with a simple starter app, learning a bit about how React works in the process.


How to Add Custom Styles to KendoReact Components with Sass

When implementing third-party UI components into your React app, it can be hard to match the design language you’re working with. See what the KendoReact team does to make this process easy. Read more!

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