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A (Mostly) Complete Guide to React Rendering Behavior

I've seen a lot of ongoing confusion over when, why, and how React will re-render components, and how use of Context and React-Redux will affect the timing and scope of those re-renders. After having typed up variations of this explanation dozens of times, it seems it's worth trying to write up a consolidated explanation that I can refer people to.

In defense of the modern web

It's absolutely the case that running React in the client for a largely static site is overkill. It's also true that you have to avoid React if your app is very heavily interactive. But while all this is true of React, it's much less true of component frameworks in general.

How To Create Weather App Using React.js With Current Location & Search City

In this Article, I’ll demonstrate how to build weather application that performs two task. First, this app will show Real time weather of your Current location & Second, it will shows the Weather conditions of a particular city when you search the particular city.

Don't know what to test on your React App? Learn how to make a test list

In this article, we’ll go over a process to turn a feature request into a list of tests that we can automate and use to help us in our development process. We’ll start by looking at the requirements for the feature, and then go over the goals we want to achieve with the tests we’ll be writing. After that, we’ll make a more thorough analysis of the requirements that will allow us to write the test list.

Using React's Key Attribute to remount a Component

Usually we use React's special "key" string attribute only in combination with Lists. How and why is well explained in the React docs in the sections Lists and Keys and Reconciliation - Keys.


Lightweight SVG/CSS spinners for React

Check out 9 awesome typescript-aware lightweight spinners built as components ready to drop in your project under MIT license.

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