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Build In-House or Buy a UI Component Library: How to Decide

Whether your goal is to meet a web project's deadline or to work more efficiently, at some point or another, you'll face the choice between building UI internally or buying a ready-made library of UI components. What key factors should you consider?

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Atomic CSS-in-JS

With recent production deployments from Facebook and Twitter, I think a new trend is slowly growing: atomic CSS-in-JS. In this post, we’ll see what atomic CSS is, how it relates to functional / utility-first CSS like TailwindCSS, and that big players are adopting it in their modern React codebases.

What I wish I knew about React

A couple weeks ago I started working on my first React application. Not only was it my first React application, but it was also my first React Native application, so a lot was new to me all in one go.

Super Simple Start to React

When you're learning something new (or you want to solidify your foundational understanding of something you're already familiar with), one of the most valuable things you can do is remove everything until all you're left with is the one thing you're trying to learn.

A visual guide to React Mental models

I’ve learned that the biggest difference between someone that has mastered a language, framework, or tool and someone who hasn’t lies in the mental models they use. One person will have a clear and advanced one and the other will not.

useEffect under the Hood

The best way I have found to really have an accurate mental model of the programming abstractions I use whether compilers, promises or frameworks like react, it is to crack open the blackbox and understand the essential implementation details.


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