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Data Persistence and Sessions With React

Tom Whitbread advices how to save your data and session with React.

Is There a React Equivalent for Angular’s ng-repeat?

Michael Martin shows how to implement ng-repeat from Angular in React.

Render React with Phoenix

Daniel Neighman shows how to render React views from Elixir's web framework Phoenix.

Let’s Compose Some React Containers

Arunoda Susiripala article on react containers composition.

Internationalization and React

Armin Ronacher talks about react internationalization and locales.

React.js Essentials

Another introduction into React.js on dzone.


A wireframing tool for React.

Redux Chaos Monkey

A variation of Netflix chaos monkey implemented for react ui components that works by replaying events in a random state to test whether your UI can handle it.

React Developer Survey Results

A survey from react developers on which libraries, tools and IDEs are the most popular in the community.

HTML to React components

A npm utility for extracting anotated HTML into React components.

react native

react-native 0.18 is out

A new version of react native is out with new features and bug fixes. Check out the changelog.