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The Quest for the Perfect Dark Mode

Maybe the hardest / most complicated part of building this blog was adding Dark Mode.

React Performance Optimization with React.memo()

React internally already optimizes the performance quite a bit without you having to explicitly optimize for performance. React.memo can help you to optimize the number of renders of your React components even further.

Let's recreate the Spotify UI in React.js

In this mini-series, I will attempt to recreate some popular UI's in React.

Implementing Skeleton Screens In React

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what a skeleton screen UI is and some types of skeleton screen libraries, along with their pros and cons. We’ll build a YouTube-like skeleton screen UI using React Loading Skeleton. Then, you can experiment on your own with the skeleton screen React package of your choice.

How to IDE-ify your GitHub

An introduction of how to make GitHub more closely resemble your actual working environment with a few browser extensions.


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