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React.js Tutorial: Facebook Login Example

Nowadays, Facebook login is part of the authentication mechanism beside Google login on web applications or mobile apps. Actually, using the Facebook log in can be done in just the Front-end side because it uses Facebook SDK for Javascript. Luckily, there is a react-facebook-login module that we will use for this React.js FB login.

React Production Performance Monitoring

We should always ship fast experiences to our users, but sometimes something slips through our PR review process and our users start having a slow experience. Unless they complain to us, we often have no way of knowing that things are going so slow for them. User complaints is not a great policy for quality control.

Understanding Custom React Hooks by Using Them

React 16.8 came with the ability to use hooks in React that gave us the ability to enhance functional components in such a way that they could do anything a class component could do through useState and useEffect hooks. But a slightly overlooked capability was to create your own custom hooks.

Normalize Comments with Immutable.js

In the last article, when we passed the normalized form of an article list, we were passing an id instead of an actual comment. You can see this by opening any comment. To make them visible, we need to create a separate reducer responsible for comments and take the needed comments from there. Just like what we’ve done to the articles, we need to do the same with our comments. Let’s start.

Compound Components in React

In this React tutorial, I'll be demonstrating how we can build a re-usable UI by adopting compound components in React. I have found that by using Compound Components I avoid having to create unnecessary components that ultimately add architectural complexity to my application.

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