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React Native Maps Tutorial

Learn how to use react native maps by mapping bushfires in Australia. The video will cover using React Native and the package react-native-maps which is a great package to display maps on mobile applications like iOS and Android. We will take a look at installing react native maps as well as setting it up with some examples.

Building Secure React Applications

React is a secure framework. It handles cross-site scripting (XSS) out of the box. While these statements sound very hopeful, they are unfortunately far from reality. Building secure applications with React is easier than starting from scratch. However, even with React, there are several guidelines and considerations to take into account.

Redux Cheatsheet

A handy cheatsheet for a popular state management library.

React State Selector

Performant, type safe and easy React global state manager.

React Table 7.0.0 released

This latest version is a collection of React hooks and plugins (which are also hooks!) that help you flexibly compose logical features of the most complex data grids into a single API returned by the primary useTable hook. This API is performant, extensible, and unopinionated about markup, styles or rendering.

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