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Building our own store management library like Redux

In most of the React based applications, we need to have a global store which will act as a single source of truth of our server responses and cached data, as well as locally created data that has not yet been persisted to the server. Managing this ever-changing state is hard. Redux already solves this problem. However, with React's powerful context API, we can build our own redux. In this post, I have tried to explain how we can develop our own Redux like library with react hooks and context API.

The Perils of Rehydration

It turns out, I had a fundamental misunderstanding about how React works in a server-side-rendering context. And I think many React devs share this misunderstanding! And it can have some pretty serious ramifications.

Stop using isLoading booleans

Why using a status enum (or even better: a state machine) will help your app stay bug free.

Beautiful React Hooks

Beautiful React Hooks is a collection of beautiful (and hopefully useful) React hooks to speed-up your components and hooks development.

React native pushes notifications guide for quick development

A small guide about the first assumptions and the reality of mobile notifications behaviors on React Native projects.


9 Things Learned Building the Same App with Angular & React

What can you learn from rewriting an Angular app with React? TJ VanToll has spent several years working with Angular and is now entering React in his role as developer advocate for KendoReact. Check out his list of nine things he learned going through the rewrite process, including: 1) React is Simpler in Many Ways; 2) Create React App Does a Concerning Amount of Magic; 3) React Hooks Are Confusing – and more!

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