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React developers are in demand on Vettery

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Setting Up Tailwind CSS In A React Project

This article introduces Tailwind CSS, a CSS library that gives you all of the building blocks you need to build bespoke designs without opinionated styles. You’ll also learn how to seamlessly set up Tailwind CSS in a React project.

React v16.13.0

Today we are releasing React 16.13.0. It contains bugfixes and new deprecation warnings to help prepare for a future major release.

Up to date answer about when to use React context or Redux

The answer to when to use and not to use context is clear and simple, but somehow it's still common to compare context to Redux, which manages state as a single source of truth. A quick survey of search results about this topic confirms that some resources just haven't come to grips with the limits of context, but that's to be expected, because the almost two years that the context API has been around isn't that long considering the rate of JavaScript churn that developers have to keep up with.

How I used React-Loadable to more than half my React app's load time

React-Loadable provides you with a component you can use to load a React component later, rather than immediately as you load the React app.

React Curved Arrow

Use nice curvy arrows in your React project! Great for interactive tutorials and product tours!

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