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In React, The Wrong Abstraction Kills Efficiency

As a software developer I like to think of myself as intelligent and discerning, but if I'm being completely honest with myself most of the decisions I make around code structure are governed by fairly low-resolution heuristics like 'Don't Repeat Yourself' and 'Keep It Simple, Stupid'. My stylistic intuitions all too often get priority over intuitions about long term maintenance and extensibility, in part because there are always arguments available that sound very serious and programmery but really just cover for the stylistic bias.

Guard Clauses: Three Guidelines to Ensure Code Simplicity for Software Developers

Software developers perform a multitude of tasks. We gather and analyze requirements, design software, challenge stakeholder decisions, and finally, after all, we create and maintain software.

Set Up a Typescript React Redux Project

This post provides a way to type your React Redux project with Typescript.

Build a CRUD Application Using Laravel and React

One of the basic things for every developer is how to go about managing Create Read Update and Delete (CRUD) operations in an application. The app we’re going to be building is an Expense Management App with Laravel for the Backend API and React on the frontend.

useEffect(fn, []) is not the new componentDidMount()

They're almost the same. But there's actually just enough of a difference to possibly get you into trouble -- especially if you're refactoring from classes.


9 Things Learned Building the Same App with Angular & React

What can you learn from rewriting an Angular app with React? TJ VanToll has spent several years working with Angular and is now entering React in his role as developer advocate for KendoReact. Check out his list of nine things he learned going through the rewrite process, including: 1) React is Simpler in Many Ways; 2) Create React App Does a Concerning Amount of Magic; 3) React Hooks Are Confusing – and more!

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