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Premium React Native Templates to Launch Your Mobile App Today

Next time you start making a new app from scratch, consider using a fully functional React Native app template. You can save weeks of design and development, by leveraging beautifully designed React Native starter kits, containing boilerplate code for features such as shopping, dating, food ordering, chatting, maps, Firebase, and more. Use discount code RDIGEST10 to get 10% off any app. Get one now!

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How to (unit) test in React

This guide explains what unit testing is, why it’s needed and the best practices for small to large React applications.

Using Redux with React Hooks in a React Native app

With React Hooks growing in usage, the ability to handle a component’s state and side effects is now a common pattern in functional components. React Redux offers a set of Hook APIs as an alternative to the omnipresent connect() high order component.

React Hooks - Understanding Component Re-renders

Functional components using hooks will go through a lifecycle but without explicit lifecycle methods unlike their class based counterparts. While this non-explicit nature allows extracting re-usable behavior into custom hooks with much less boilerplate code, what I found myself lacking was the clear understanding of how hooks impact the execution flow.

React Native is the Future of Mobile at Shopify

After years of native mobile development, we’ve decided to go full steam ahead building all of our new mobile apps using React Native. As I’ll explain, that decision doesn’t come lightly.

React Nice Dates

React Nice Dates is composed of a set of components and utilities with different levels of abstraction that you can use to build your own date pickers.

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