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Build a Weather App in React JS

Learn how to make a Weather app in React JS, we use the Open Weather Map API to make calls to a restful api to return the current weather data. This uses the Modern Javascript Fetch AP along with React hooks and conditonals.

React-spring visualizer, tweak your spring configuration

The missing visualizer for your react-spring UI animations.

How To Not Have A Mess with React Hooks & Redux

Ever since hooks was released, there were few good articles explaining on how Hooks differ from Redux, how Hooks may replace Redux and how Hooks work with Redux.

Create simple POS with React, Node and MongoDB #2: Auth state, Logout, Update Profile

This is the second chapter of our series of creating a simple POS with React, Node, and MongoDB. Today’s tutorial continues from where we left off in the previous chapter: adding register and login functionalities. Today we will add functionalities to handle authentication state and log out. We will also create a user profile where users can update user information.

Redux is half of a pattern (1/2)

Over the last few years, Redux has popularized the idea of using message-passing (also known as event-driven programming) to manage application state. Instead of making arbitrary method calls to various class instances or mutating data structures, we now can think of state as being in a "predictable container" that only changes as a reaction to these "events".


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