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How to Handle Async Actions for Global State With React Hooks and Context

I have been developing React Tracked, which is a library for global state with React Hooks and Context.

A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019

The world of frontend development once again evolved at a rapid pace over the past year, and this article recaps all the important events, news, and trends from 2019.

Using Google Sheets as a Database for React Apps

We would like a custom-made website and a little birdie told us React is what the cool kids are going for these days — like, it’s faster, scalable, and easy to update compared to Wordpress? But we want to be able to update the content ourselves. Like, everything. Oh, Post…what? Postgres? What’s that? No, we don’t know MySQL either. Firebase? I feel attacked by yet another tech jargon! Why can’t we just use Google Sheets?! — Well, yes, now you can.

Scaling React Server-Side Rendering

I had the opportunity to work on scaling a React rendering service, adapting a fixed hardware provision to deal with increasing load. Over the course of many months, incremental improvements were made to the system to enable it to cope with demand. I thought it might be useful to share the more interesting insights that I gained during this process.

Beautiful React Hooks

React custom hooks allow to abstract components' business logic into single reusable functions. So far, I've found that most of the hooks I've created and therefore shared between my projects have quite often a similar gist that involves callback references, events and components' lifecycle.

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